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10-13U Make-Up Tryouts are September 19th!

We are thrilled to have additional space for our youngest athletes! Our 11's and 12's age groups represent the ideal time to get started with club volleyball, as all players are beginners at this point. As new players, they come in like sponges and make huge strides in this first year! Our goal is for these kids to have an extraordinary experience making new friends, learning and loving the sport together.

Our Regional Program (details at the bottom of this page) has space for athletes from 10-13U. For those that make our 12U program, we will have an additional tryout with the potential to be added to our Elite teams. We hope to see you at tryouts as we're looking to add a lot of new, young faces to the MOD Family!

When: Our tryouts will be held on Sunday, September 19th at the following times. 

  • 10-13U: 10:00am-12:00pm

Where: Our Girls Program tryouts will be at the Athletico Center in Northbrook (1900 Old Willow Rd).

Registration: Click here to sign up for tryouts!

What to Expect: Our tryout process will evaluate performance on a range of skills specific to the athlete's primary position, along with more general skills and concepts appropriate to their age group. Time will be split between skill work and scrimmage-based drills, and our full program staff will be on rotation between all courts to keep our training environment fast-paced and high energy.  We understand the pressure associated with a tryout, and do our best to help all athletes treat this process as if it were any other night of practice - nobody wants you to succeed on the court more than us!

What to Bring: Please have the following items prepared to help you on your way to a successful tryout!

  • USAV Registration. USA Volleyball requires each athlete to purchase a $10 tryout membership fee to cover the athlete at any USAV/Great Lakes Region tryout. Click here for registration instructions and to register online. Please bring proof of your USAV registration with you to the tryout.  NOTE: If you participated in a club volleyball season last year, you likely already have a USAV membership. A full season membership is valid until October 31st, which may cover you for our tryouts but you will need to renew your registration when it expires later this Fall. Proof of registration is still required during check-in at tryouts, so please come prepared.

  • Court shoes, water bottle, knee pads, or any other necessary gear.

  • Lots of energy and a positive attitude!

Additional details will be sent out to all registrants ahead of our tryout date, including information on the tryout results process and when you can expect to hear back.



Our Regional Program is a local (non-Nationals) season that is designed for the athlete focused on making their school team and looking to build their skill set. All players will still receive the high level of training we're known for and will compete in local and regional tournaments. The season will be shorter than our Elite program and features a practice and competition schedule that is conducive to the multi-sport athlete or those looking for a slightly lower level of commitment. Our Regional program is available to 10U-18U girls. 

  • Season Length: The 2021-2022 club season will run for approximately 5.5 months, from mid Fall through early April. There will be some slight variation between our middle school and high school aged teams' schedules, but the overall number of training hours and competition dates remain comparable. Our full season calendars will become available as we approach the start of our season, but feel free to reach out if you have any specific questions!
  • Practice Schedule: Two practices per week, with additional opt-in training opportunities throughout the year
  • Practice Length: 2 hours
  • Practice Location:
  • Our teams train out of the following locations:
    • Fairview (7040 Laramie Ave, Skokie)
    • LoVerde (7847 N Caldwell Ave, Niles)
  • Tournaments: Our Regional Program teams will compete in the Chicago Volleyball League, as well as a number of other local events. One driving distance travel event is planned.
  • Price: Season dues for 10/11U are $1650, and 12/13U are $2100. This includes everything except athlete Gear Packages and any personal travel/lodging expenses for out-of-town events.


The bullets below cover each pillar of our organization, and provide a preview of what to expect from the MOD club experience.


  • METHOD: Everything we do has a METHOD behind it. The same level of care and attention to detail that is applied to our practice curriculum is also present in our training environment, coaching philosophy, and club communications. At the helm of our organization we have eight full-time staff members leading the charge to elevate every level of our programming, and there is no aspect of the club experience we take lightly.  We work each day to build complete, robust, & effective programs for our athletes.


  • OPPORTUNITY: We believe that players with diverse backgrounds & unique goals should all be able to excel. A core part of the MOD experience is teaching our athletes to recognize OPPORTUNITY both on & off the court, while equipping them with the tools needed take full advantage. Whether you are working through a drill in practice, competing at a national qualifier, or exploring our recruiting resources, each piece of our programming is put into place to help our members grow into the athlete that they aspire to be.


  • DRIVE: A true cornerstone of our club culture, we see DRIVE as the step beyond motivation - it's not simply a desire to improve, it signifies a hunger for it. There will always be a reason why your situation isn't perfect, or a story why tomorrow will be the day you really start... and part of growing as an athlete and a teammate involves navigating any distractions or obstacles standing in your way. Whether you are already driven or are looking to discover what drives you, MOD's core training experience paired with our mental performance initiatives will set you on the path towards achieving your goals.


If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding our programming, please feel free to contact our Girls Program DirectorConnor Wexter!